5.8 Graphics in SEISAN

Most programs in SEISAN producing graphics on the screen use the SEISAN graphics system (see also chapter 44). This produces fast and low quality graphics both on the screen and similar PostScript output files. Most of these plots are not suitable for publication and many programs therefore also create output ASCII files of the main results, which then can be put into more professional plotting routines. The GMT (Generic mapping Tools) system is one of the more widely used plotting systems used in seismology. Several programs in SEISAN therefore produce output that can be used with GMT or makes plots directly in GMT. From version 8.0 of SEISAN, a script is included (GMTXY, manual in INF) which will produce nice xy-graphics from specially made output files. So far only programs SPEC, CATSTAT and LSQ produce these output files, the intention is to include this feature in more SEISAN programs.

If there is a need to produce better quality graphics there are several possibilities:

Maps: MAPG, map with GMT 5, GMT must be installed, works on all platforms.

W_EMAP: Windows based mapping system
Seismograms: TRACEPLOT (before GMT 5 based)
XY-plots: GMTXY (before GMT 5 based)
Maps: create GMT input files with SEIGMT
Volcanic event distribution: VOLCSTAT

Pregenerated graphics files

Files of the type e.g. png can be stored in the PIC directory or in working directory. The file names can be listed in the S-file in type P-lines and then plotted directly from EEV with command PP. The command to display picture files on a particular system must be defined in SEISAN.DEF.

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