5.1.2 Source parameters

The routine processing normally produces magnitudes and hypocenters. The fault plane solution can be determined using polarities and one event (Snoke et. al., 1984). Composite fault plane solutions can also be made. In addtion there are 3 more programs for makeing fault plane solutions, 2 of which also can use amplitude ratios. A second way of determining fault plane solution is to synthetically model the waveforms using the modeling programs. In addition, seismic moment, stress drop and seismic source radius can be determined by doing spectral analysis or spectral modeling. This can also be done automatically with AUTOSIG, AUTO and AUTOMAG.

The full wave modeling programs integrated with SEISAN, are written by Bouchon [1981] and Herrmann (Herrmann,1996). The ray-tracing program is based on WKBJ and written by Chapman et al. [1988] and integrated with SEISAN by Valerie Maupin. All the above programs are executed from EEV in order to use known source parameters.

Momnet tensor inversion can be made in EEV using the Dreger (2003) programs.

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