23.10 PLOTFOC, plotting fault plane solution without need for station informtion

The program can plot all fault plane solution in an S-file without any need for location, polarities or any other station information. The plot looks like the plot for FOCMEC. The program can be started without argument and the user is asked for the name of the S-file or CAT-file. The program can also be started with the input file as argument. If the input file contains several events, it is possible to plot one event at a time, one after the other. Optionally, all events can be plotted superimposed. This can be used for comparing the fault plane solution from two different events, superimposed. Plotting fault plane solutions side by side can be done with program FOC. The program can also be started form EEV with command 'foo'. In this case only one event can be plotted.

The plot will list number of polarities and azimutal gap of the polarities. The azimutal gap is calcualted taking into account the azimuths as plotted on the focal sphere.

Peter Voss : Tue Jun 8 13:38:42 UTC 2021